May 15, 2017

Hi family and friends!
Yeasterday I had my Mother’s day call home to my Mom and the rest of my family. Oh how I love them! My family is so crazy! haha. Regardless of that I still love them. After the call home to them I was considering all of tasks I had to work through to make it out here on my mission, and more importantly where I was able to increase my testimony of the Savoir in the biggest ways.
After further consideration I was able to think of two things in particular that sincerely helped qualify me to be a missionary, those are and were Priesthood Service and Seminary Attendance. Without those two testimony building activities I would not be who I am today.
Obviously Priesthood Service helps make a missionary, because Missionary Service is just a part of the Priesthood. Lots of us are looking for service opportunities, but in reality they are all around us. If there’s something good to do than do it… It’s service!
I am so thankful for my seminary teachers (Brother Shim, Brother Haight & Sister Carter) and the many, many substitutes we had. I think the reason seminary was so huge to me was because it in a way forced me to read the scriptures. And we all know that the moment we sincerely read the Book of Mormon that the Lord will give unto us insights to our purpose that last a lifetime.
I dug deep into the Mormon Messages archives to find a great video! I love you and thanks so much for your support to me!


Elder McLean Allen

510 6th St #2
Taft, CA 93268



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