A Cold, Wet Week in the Mojave Dessert

This week was freezing in the Mojave Desert! Not to all of you back home in Colorado I assume though. But to a person acclimated to the Southern California cold it is for sure! This week Elder Lykins and I witnessed a couple of miracles. The two I’d like to share are the ones that happened on Saturday.

Saturday was a cold and wet day, and in the evening we were driving around and I felt the prompting that we should probably go to Walmart. So we did! Super random prompting right? It was. We still went and walked around and could really find our purpose… After walking around for maybe 20 minutes we decided that it might be best to leave, but the Spirit told us to stay just a little bit longer. So we did and we looked in the jewelry section. Then all the sudden a walmart employee started talking to us. So we talked a little bit and found out that she grew up in an active LDS home but wasn’t really affiliated with the church anymore. Needless to say we found our purpose.


Then a couple minutes after that we were driving towards our apartment and saw this big husky run across the road with a young adult in her pajamas running towards her dog. So we got out in the pouring rain and helped her get her dog. It took us about 30 minutes and we were about a mile away from our car once we finally caught it. But it was awesome. On the way back we got her contact info and she will be contacted sometime soon in the future. We are super excited to see where she goes.
I love all the support you all provide for me and I’d like to thank you and share with you that I know the Lord’s work is being accomplished through missionary work. Especially in the Ridgecrest Zone of the Bakersfield Mission. The Lord’s Kingdom has again been restored in it’s fullness.

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