I lost count how many weeks I’ve been here!

I have now been in the Palmdale 4th ward for what seems like forever! I have been serving in the Palmdale Stake since January 5th and I have been serving in the Palmdale 4th Ward since April 15th. It has been a while! I however am still loving it! I love working as a missionary! It is so fantastic!


My scripture study recently has been super good! I’ve been learning so much! The Book of Mormon has so much to offer us, recently I have been reading in Ether. I finished this morning. I especially love chapter 12 just as most of us do. Hope and Faith combined together really are so amazing.


My new Companion’s name is Elder Gold. He has been in the Bakersfield mission for a week and he is a rockstar! He is from Cheyenne, WY and he knows how to work! He just graduated high school in 2016. It’s pretty sweet!


I love you all and thank you for all of the support!

Please send me some letters or emails!!😉 There’s the address!! haha

Elder McLean Allen
38121 25th St E #U-102
Palmdale, CA 93550


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