Palmdale 4th Ward Week 15

This week was crazy! I sent my companion home on Friday. It was a really quick thing. None of us expected him to go home so early. I am happy for him though. He went home the day before what was going to be his first baptism. We worked very hard the last couple of weeks. He is home and working towards his medical recovery and would like to come out again.

The Baptism pulled through this week and we are so thankful for it! The mission president and his wife (The Laytons) drove the two hours from the office to come and support me with the baptism. I gave the missionary moment and the talk on baptism. it was a fantastic service. I am so happy that even with all of the opposition that we faced this week we were able to get Sarah baptized.
The following day I had a crazy day at church. Currently I am companion-less, so I am hanging out with the Zone leaders for the time being. The zone leaders are Spanish missionaries so I gave to go to all Spanish things! I don’t know much Spanish so it’s pretty difficult to know what is going on all the time. Our wards meet at the same building however so they just sent me to my ward and I was on a mini exchange during all of church! During church I Confirmed Sarah a member of the church, gave a less active member the Aaronic Priesthood and passed the Sacrament. It was a crazy Sunday!
I love being a missionary and I am so thankful for all of the help you all give me! Thank you!

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