Palmdale 4th Week 13

This week was a fantastic week for us! Church Yesterday was great! We had three of our progressing investigators at church this week. And one of them, our 15 year old young women investigator who will be baptized in two weeks got up and bore her testimony during Fast and Testimony meeting! She has a larger testimony than most of the lifetime members that I’ve met in my life. She was in tears only a couple seconds into her testimony, She’s amazing. Then after she bore her testimony of course my companion and I had to get up and offer ours. I was in tears when I was sharing my testimony. For all of you who know me I do not cry very often, but when I do it is for a reason.


Missionary work and Temple work is the best way to feel the spirit while you are here on the Earth. Why else would all of the return missionaries talk about their missions for the rest of their lives, or temple workers talk about the work they do in the temple, or the avid genealogist about their family history. The Lord knows what matters, and when we do those things that matter we feel the spirit of him through the Holy Ghost. That is what brings everlasting happiness. I can honestly say that currently I am happier than I have ever been in my life. It is because I am always engaged in bringing others unto Christ.


Anyone can find this joy. Everyone should, it’s our responsibility to share. I thank you all for your continual support!

Happy 4th of July and remember the many blessings we have from living in America!

Elder McLean Allen
38121 25th St E #U-102
Palmdale, CA 93550


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