Ana Verde Week 12

Elder Casper and I Have had another great week! We worked really hard this week and for the first time during my mission I received a good amount of referrals. We found this one person that is about 40 years old and has been looking into getting baptized and she was a referral from one of our other investigators. She is so prepared. Then we also got two new investigators yestaerday one of them is a really cool guy who loves to customize cars. He has a really cool Monte Carlo with 24 inch Chrome wheels. It’s hilarious. Then we also found this person who asked us how to repent and a ton of questions about the plan of salvation.
Work in the ward is great. This is Transfer week though so we’ll see if I stay or if I go. I’d love to stay and I could see that, but I’d also love to go somewhere else. We’ll see.
With all that being said. If any of you write me this week send it to thew mission office.
I love you all! DSC00381


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