Ana Verde Week Four

Mac Joshua Tree & Rainbow_edit
Focused with the Focus 2 app

This week has been solid! I learned a lot. This week I gave a talk in district meeting on the how to begin teaching, I always love the preparation that goes into writing a talk. I was super worried when I received the talk because typically when I receive an assignment it is based off of some type of scripture or doctrine. This one is just how to help people trust you, and how to begin teaching not awkwardly. In Preach My Gospel there are no suggested scriptures with this section, but I knew that it couldn’t be a new concept so I looked in the scriptures and found and example from the ancient missionary Ammon! Found in Alma Chapter 17 and 18 when Ammon is Serving King Lamoni and teaching him the first lesson. And I likened it to now of days. There are so many stories in the scriptures that can be likened to today’s age. Thank you everyone! Being a missionary is awesome!

This is a picture of me, a Joshua Tree and a Rainbow! It was super cool!

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