Best Week Ever 12-14-15

It has been a crazy week, I’m glad to report that is has been a week of success. On Tuesday half of the missionaries went to the Las Angeles Temple and it was extremely powerful. There were about 50 sisters, 70 elders & about 40 other Saints who were part of the session I attended. The Las Angeles Temple is sooooooo amazing, by far it’s my favorite temple yet. At the session I realized that there is definitely a strength in numbers, the power and authority of 120 missionaries is so intense. In other news this week was super good in the amount of appointments that we had. We were scrambling to make all of the appointments we had each night, but I’d rather do that than have no appointments.


In other news one of our investigators who was really struggling with a commandment took a huge leap of courage and drew all the strength he had to quit. He is a brilliant man and I am so proud of him. We all know how rough it is to repent, but he is doing it. He just wants to please God, and I testify to you that he is making God and Jesus Christ happy. It’s amazing to see the Holy Ghost working in him. He comes to church every week and without a doubt he will be baptized soon after he returns from his vacation.
The biggest news that I would like to share is that ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS WAS BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED. He is such a miracle, his two older siblings both took the lessons and weren’t baptized. When we first started meeting with Johnny we didn’t know if he would either, but as we kept meeting with him he opened up and really accepted the gospel. Johnny opened up the gate to his Eternal Salvation and I am so stinking proud of him and his decisions. He will shortly be recieving the Priesthood and I know he will be a valuable servant in the Lord’s hands and a huge leader in his own home. He is setting the example.
Not a bad week in Bakersfield.
I love being a missionary.
-Elder Allen 


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