The Weekly Email

This picture (the gospel one) is remarkable to me. It is a picture of young Jesus praying with his mother. I really love this picture because the fact that a young boy is praying, but I love it even more knowing that that young boy is Jesus. I love hearing young people sincerely pray. I learned of my love for a sincere prayer the other day at the end of a lesson with one of our investigators. He has been a progressing investigator for a while, but at the end but at the end of this lesson was the first time that we asked him to pray for us. When we asked him he replied with, “I don’t know how.” So we briefly taught him how to pray.


he thought had never even crossed my mind that someone wouldn’t know how to pray, especially someone someone who had been coming to church for a couple months. It reminded me, that we need to really take care of each other and make sure we can all pray.
Anyway after we taught him how to pray we asked him if he could say the closing prayer. He was a little bit hesitant but he replied with, “I’ll give it a try.” So he did and by the end of his short, maybe 30 second prayer I was in tears. We heard his first prayer to our father in heaven. I love a prayer with real intent.
We’re told to pray for specific blessings to get specific answers to our prayers. I know that that happens. Prayers become real when we realize our sacred divine relationship with God. Which is that we are his literal children and he is our literal father and cares about is so much. I know that God loves each and everyone of us. If we feel like he doesn’t then the Atonement is here waiting for us to use it. Jesus died for me and you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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