New Companion

I want to tell you all about a pretty cool spiritual experience! It happened on the 27th. I was having a kind of crappy day because things just weren’t really going our way and I just received a new companion who I didn’t know how to work with yet. (His name is Elder Greene by the way.) Anyway it was just a little bit crappy and I wasn’t feeling like myself, so I decided to follow my own advice and say a prayer to feel better not really thinking about it, but being pretty sincere.

Anyway I wasn’t too sure how my prayer would be answered, but I knew it would. When we were at dinner I still wasn’t doing sao good, but I did what I do best… I put on the happy face! and then later when we were sharing the dinner message I felt the power of the Holy Ghost really hitting me. and when I was talking I heard a wispering in my head that said, “Jesus died for you,” a really simple phrase. While it was not new knowledge it was exactly the message I needed to hear in that moment. I love you all and it is my biggest wish that you know that Jesus died for you, not just your sins but for every little thing. Christ has been there, he knows what you’re going thru. And he will help, all you need to do is ask.
I love you all a ton! Stay awesome!
Elder Allen

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