Rosedale Ward Week Five

The scriptures are so very important. I’m sure that some of you know one of my favorite phrases to use when someone of faith presents to me a question regarding anything is to say, “It’s in the scriptures.” What exactly are the scriptures? Well for the LDS people we have the standard works, which are comprised of the Book of Mormon, The Holy Bible, The Doctrine & Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. Something we must not forget we also have for our utilization are our navigation tools of the standard works. Which are the Bible Dictionary, the Topical Guide, The Harmony of the Gospels, Maps & the Index. Until I came out on my mission I never even touched these. The Bible Dictionary is one of the best resources out there. The other night I began reading it from end to end and I was just astounded by the amount of things I have no idea about! Holy cow it’s super awesome! I would recommend all Christians to read it, not just Latter-day Saints.


The scriptures truly are amazing, we need to read the scriptures to gain faith, which is spiritual power. When we read the scriptures we have an elevated view on life. One of my favorite scriptures that I’ve found on my mission is 2nd Nephi 7:8-9 which states.

8 And the Lord is near, and he justifieth me. Who will contend with me? Let us stand together. Who is mine adversary? Let him come near me, and I will smite him with the strength of my mouth.

9 For the Lord God will help me. And all they who shall condemn me, behold, all they shall wax old as a garment,and the moth shall eat them up.

We all can obtain this “strength of mouth” spoken of by Isaiah. One of the best ways to get this mighty blessing is to read the holy scriptures. I love 2nd Nephi along with the entire Book of Mormon, it is the most important book on this planet. I’m so thankful that our loving Heavenly Father gave it to us.

We all have the ability to know if the Book of Mormon is true. I testify to you on this very day that it is true. I have learned for myself through sincere prayer. Joseph Smith is and was a prophet of God, and he restored the very Priesthood that Jesus Christ used to create the Earth. I also testify that I hold that exact Priesthood and that we live in the fulness of times and we have the fulness of the Gospel and we NEED to use it! As we read and pray daily we are able to sidestep the tempatations of the world. In the name of our redeemer, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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