What’s Popping??

I’m in a bike area! Which I love. My new bike is pretty cool. It’s wheelbase is 29″, so it’s HUGE! And those lights you sent me are awesome! They are actually green and red lights. The red was expected, but I thought the green ones would totally be white. They’re really bright which is good.

Since I got the bike though I’ve had one problem. My first day riding it I got a flat tire! So my companion and I had to walk a mile home and then another mile to our next appointment that night, only to be stood up. Anyway, now to the cool part of the story.

Yesterday morning I was looking at my bike seeing how I could fix it. I had absolutely no idea why it was leaking, because I was riding safely and slowly when I popped it. Anyway I pulled the front wheel off and started taking the tire and tube apart. Once I got the tube out of the tire I aired it up and looked for a hole and I found one! It was probably the absolute smallest puncture I’ve seen in all of my flat repair days (including the ones at Discount Tire). That tells you how small the hole was.

Mac's Bike

Now that I found the hole, I needed to find a way to fix it, at least until P-day when I could buy a new one. So I was looking around the entire apartment until I found something. I found super glue! Now I know what you’re thinking, “super glue is no duct tape!” and that is completely true. But I made it work so I put a super glue patch on the tire and made it work out. Then I let the super glue dry and it was time for the final test. Time to air this sucker up! So I put the tube into the tire and began to air it up. And low and behold it began to air up! It worked! But I wasn’t finished. A member told us that we need to have green slime in our tubes in order to prevent anything like that from happening again. So I put the reccomended 4 ounces…and then some…for some extra protection. Then I started rolling it around the apartment.

Elder Mayer came out of the bathroom and said “Did you fix it?” I said “I sure did!”. He was so surprised to see I was more redneck then him!

After all of that I realized this was directly applicable to the gospel and the lives of members of our Church. Sometimes we have no idea why but we are just spiritually deflating. We’ll never find out why if we don’t analyze our spirituality. Am I reading my scriptures? Am I going to Church? and most of all, Am I communicating with my loving Heavenly Father? If any of those aren’t as good as they should be then we found our leak. All it takes is a little bit of super glue to fix.

I know that nobody is perfect. I for sure am not. But we can all be sanctified if we just become brilliant at the basics. That is all it takes to sidestep the adversary. The Lord laid out the Atonement for your and me. We are eternally in debt to him. We better not make it so he died in vain. Use the Atonement. And if you don’t know how, ask your Bishop. He loves you!

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Elder Allen


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