My Week in the MTC

This is my first P-Day here at the MTC, and let me say, “IT IS NICE!” I have learned so much here that I actually do believe is near impossible to learn elsewhere. My companion Elder Hulet and I were appointed Zone Leaders shortly after we arrived here, so we are some of the proud and the few who get to carry a cell phone in the MTC! Pretty sweet right? Just kidding it isn’t really that cool, we can only receive phone calls.

When we first arrived here at the MTC I had no idea what to expect and REALLY I didn’t understand my purpose as a missionary. But through the classes here at the MTC I have began to learn that in every lesson I teach and every principle I teach we need to relate that to the the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. it is only by Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, repentance, baptism by immersion, reception of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end that we might be saved.

Before I got here of course I knew those were important, but now I know why and that they truly are the only way that we might be saved. So in the MTC we use role-playing situations in order to learn how we might accomplish the Lord’s work in an effective way. One of our might I say REAL investigators (we have two) has been having a hard time understanding what we are teaching him and my companion and I have no doubt that that is our fault. We don’t know why he keeps inviting us back. But My companion and I were talking yesterday and we were at the point of are we going to drop this guy or are we going to figure out how to teach him? Since we have such a love for Jim and want him to come unto Christ just as we have we decided we need to keep him. In order to let him know that we love him we have come to the conclusion that we need to let him know and that we need him to know we care about him. We believe that as we do this the Holy Ghost will direct us in that we need to say. It is through putting our Faith in Jesus Christ that we might be guided through the Spirit of God on what the best course of action is.

Our other investigator we have who is also not a member and a real person was great when we met him on Monday. However he stood us up yesterday! We were pretty upset, but we used the opportunity to sing in the Choir for the devotional later that night. It was great we heard the General Relief Society President and her husband speak.

I love you all and hope you are doing well. Till I write again from Bakersfield.
Elder Allen

P.S. Send me letters on DEARELDER.COM!!!!!!! Everyone else has been getting them but me!
If it asks my mailbox is 113, not sure if that’s relevant haha.

P.S.S I forgot to add that I will be leaving the MTC on Monday, October 12th, 2015. I will be flying from SLC to DEN and from DEN to BFD. I will have four hours of layover in denver. So you better not come to the airport any of you people I know!


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