The Final Sunday as a Civilian

Today marks the last Sunday before I am a full time missionary. It is so crazy to think that I began this process almost seven months ago. I am so excited. The nervousness has definitely began to die down and I am so thankful for that. 

Looking back at this picture,

 I realize that all of us have either been called to serve, are currently serving, or are not old enough to be a missionary yet. We took this picture exactly 31 weeks ago today. In 31 weeks us five great friends (Josh-Rio de Janero, Christian-Jackson Mississippi, Dave-Long Beach California, Doug-Frankfurt Germany & Me-Bakersfield California) have transformed from normal youth into emmisaries of the Lord. We all have powerful witnesses of our savior’s love. It is all of our testimonies that will bring souls unto Christ, including all of our own.

  This right here is a picture of the two missionaries that are leaving soon. Josh reports to the São Paulo MTC on November 25th and I report in three days to Provo. We are all so excited. Until next week. Farewell my friends!


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